Google Patent Talk

Are you up for some heavy reading? Warning: It’s pretty intense!

There’s been chatter round the net regarding Google’s Patent

Graywolf has put together a phenom analysis:

Google Patent Analysis

Many people who have seen the document think it’s nothing more than red herring to throw people off, others disagree. I believe the patent expresses three things:

1. Factors Google thinks are important and may be in the current algorithm
2. Factors Google thinks are important and want to incorporate into the algorithm in the next 3-5 years
3. Factors Google would like to stake an early claim to, so competitors don’t use them.

Another great write-up is found over at Information Arms Race – SE’s vs. SEO’s

More reading:

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SlyOldDog’s Summary

So to summarize, to rank well yo need to:

-Carry on building links for ever. Old links decay in value.
-Don’t add them too fast, or risk the spam filter.
-Don’t add them too slowly or you won’t get enough.
-Get links from fresh pages
-ask linking site to move the link to a different page to make it “fresher”
-Vary anchor text over time
-Don’t change the content of your key pages as not to reflect incoming anchor
-register your domain for several years
-Use a solid server for nameservers (whatever that means)
-add new pages/content to your site all the time (poor bastards with lots of content need to add content faster)
-get all your buddies to add your site to their favourites
-link out to Amazon
-Put Adsense on your site and make sure it gets good clickthrough
-Rank well in the past because Google counts your old rank in the current rank.
-Don’t jump up and down in the serps too much. Google likes stable rankings.
-make your site sticky. Sticky sites are favoured.

Anything I missed?

Like I said – lots of heavy reading. But worth the time to pick through IMO.


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