SpamHuntress Meets Spammer

I introduced you to SpamHuntress earlier this month (SpamHuntress) and now she’s got the attention of Threadwatch: Letter from a Blog Spammer:

Threadwatch member JasonD writes an open letter to a self proclaimed “spam hunter” about why he spams blog comments and what he’s prepared to do about the problems his actions cause for bloggers. (introduction by Nick W)

Well JasonD (a self-proclaimed spammer) hopped over to SpamHuntress’s blog and introduced himself: Admits To Blog Spamming

Finally I want to offer myself as willing, happy and able to work with you in finding a long term answer. Drop me a line and we can have a chat and put a plan of action together.

I think that’s beyond cool – two people on the opposite sides of an issue that may bounce around some solutions.

Two Big Thumbs Up!!! đŸ™‚


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