Free Hub Finder Tool

Aaron Wall has posted a free Hub Finder Link Analysis Tool that a friend of his created:

What is Hub Finder?

Hub Finder is a free link analysis tool which finds pages which link to related websites.

You enter in two or more related sites. If they have common backlinks in the Yahoo! Search database those pages will be returned in the results.

You can grab the code here Hub Finder Source Code and host it on your site if you like. Unfortunately, this host doesn’t seem to support DOM XML, so I won’t be able to offer it on SuperAff. If you don’t want your own copy, you can use the one here:

What’s the big deal about this tool? Graywolf has a nice post here Hub Finder that provides resources to the Hilltop Algorithm.

Analysis and Implications of Hilltop Algorithm

Link Building for Hilltop

More on Hilltop:

PageRank: Meet Hilltop

Hilltop: A Search Engine based on Expert Documents

And if you’re not into Hilltop – well I guess you could use the tool to check out what your competition is up to. đŸ˜‰


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