Adsense Cheese Sites Benefit Who?

I never felt good about building what I call ‘Adsense Cheese Sites’. You know the type of site I’m talking about – yet word is – a lot of people are making a lot of money on these kinds of pages, grabbing the cash while it’s there. I’ve chosen ‘not to go there’ for several reasons and I really don’t judge anyone who went for it (too easy to happen when there’s no method of quality control in place), but here’s an interesting thread over at Webmaster World:

AdSense Common Thread In The AdSense Threads: Me, My, Mine

I just scanned the AdSense posts to confirm a nagging feeling and, I regret to confirm that what I knew intuitively was confirmed: ~ 85% of the discussion is about “me”: My income, my money, my stats are down, how do I make more money, how do you make money so I can learn how I can make money, me, money, me, money.

Dear AdSensers: Why isn’t your discussion, thread after thread after thread, about “What can I do to generate qualified leads that will convert well for advertisers so that advertisers are happy and that brings in more advertisers and there’s more money in the pot . . .”

The thread does cause pause for thought. I certainly agree that it’s in the adsense publishers best interests to provide quality visitors to adwords advertisers. Good sales = Good $ per click.

I personally do *not* advertise my adword campaigns on content. Good Lord no! But if I had control over which sites in the content network displayed my ads, or which sites *didn’t* display my ads, hmmmm, I’d be very open to that and take another look at advertising on content.

Threadwatch has posted PPC Self-Policing Does Not Replace Source Exclusion

The PPC companies created many tools for advertisers to track conversions – why haven’t they given advertisers the ability to use that information to make the most of our money? Instead the PPC companies have decided to take the position that self-policing is better than giving advertisers control.

The post mentions BlowSearch Offers Source Exclusion; When Will The Majors Do The Same?

Another Search Engine Strategies, and another show where I heard plenty of advertisers asking yet again for the ability to pick and choose exactly where their ads show up, when they buy into the search networks run by Google & Yahoo. Please, sir, may I have some exclusion? As usual, neither of the majors offered any hope of this. Is it beyond the capabilities of those two giants to offer source exclusion? No, it’s just something they continue to choose not to do.

I agree that the biggies can offer source exclusion. Of course they can. And they choose not to do so. Doing some basic math of 2 +2 = 4 and we know why: More pages displaying the ads = more traffic = more clicks = more profits.

I don’t know how long that will last though. It just takes one major player to offer this feature to advertisers, pay their publishers a premium rate and guess who’s got game? Publishers would be striving to provide *both* quality pages and traffic while Advertisers would have price wars over the best publishers.

Win Win for everyone I say.


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