SEO Is Easy For Manipulators

Great read over at featuring an interview with Greg Boser who owns and operates WebGuerrilla:

Search Rank Easy to Manipulate

“The search engines created the monster,” he said. “It only exists because Google’s algorithm places a lot of emphasis on link popularity.”

Funny just the other day I posted on a forum that I thought all aspects of SEO were pure manipulation, not just the black hat stuff like cloaking. Things such as building one way links, onpage optimization, link exchanges, etc. are all manipulating the search engines to interpret and rank our pages just how we want them to.

So I’m not such a great manipulator, at least with Google, but I’m learning. ๐Ÿ˜†

Loved Greg’s quote at the end:

But Boser defines search spam another way: “It’s any site that ranks above mine.”



Forgot to thank ThreadWatch for the scoop.


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