Removing Google Hijackers

This week’s buzz in the SEO world is mainly the 302 hijacking problem with Google. I posted about this here: Google’s 302 Problem Exposed

Idaho from Webmaster World has posted the steps he took to remove a hijacker’s page from the Google index. You’ll find that post here:

How to Remove Hijacker Page Using Google Removal Tool

Over at Search Engine Watch Let’s Test Hijacking A Google Listing GoogleGuy grants amnesty to spammers in an effort to solve the 302 hijacking problem.

Because the issue is so serious, and control of Google’s SERPs would be in the hands of hijackers – this problem seems to be finally getting Google’s serious attention. Let’s hope the fine SEO community can pull this off and come up with real solutions.

Thanks to Threadwatch for pointing out the threads: 302 Google Hijack Removal Guide


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