Printing Threads & Net Files (Tip)

You see that great thread, it’s full of information that you want to keep at your fingertips for future reference. You can bookmark the thread, but whoa! your bookmarks sure add up fast and look at that – the poster/admin/mod edited out all the information and it’s gone now.

You can print the thread, but that can take a lot of paper and ink if the thread is large. Plus the next thing you know – you have six 3 inch binders full of referenced threads/posts/articles. Where to find that *one* you’re looking for?

Here’s an excellent method to archiving the information you find on the web so you don’t lose any of that valuable info:

Print the threads as a pdf file – and you don’t need to spend a fortune on Adobe Acrobat to do that. Here are some pdf converters:

ConvertZone Lots of various converters found here, but this is the one I use, and it’s free!: Pdf995. Make sure to download the pdfEdit995 as well (on the same page). You’ll need that to do text-to-link conversions for your urls.

The Pdf995 is sponsored by ads in the free version. Or you can pay $20 to get rid of that nuisance.

Here’s what you do after you install both Pdf995 and the pdfEdit995:

Go to the article or thread you want to print
On your browser’s toolbar, click ‘File’ then ‘Print’
Select pdf995

Save the file to a folder on your desktop and the pdf will now be created (ummm here’s where you’ll notice that timed ad). Once it’s finished printing, run PDFedit995.

Click on the ‘Links’ tab
Then click on the button “Auto-convert URL’s to links”

This will convert the text to live links in your pdf document.

A couple things to note:

The text-to-link conversion will only work on the last file you printed with pdf955. Try opening the older pdf, then *printing* it again with pdf955 so it’s the last file printed. Then you can use the method I outlined above.

Also this automatic method doesn’t work if the link is SuperAff Bookmarks rather than You’ll need to do them manually by entering the text and the url in the form boxes found within the ‘Links’ tab of pdfedit955.

If you save the pdf file as the title of the thread or the tip mentioned so you’ll remember what it is, you’ll have an easier time of finding that file you want – rather than flipping through and keeping track of several inches of printed paper.

I’ve been using this version of pdf995 for quite some time now, so the newer version may have more options or different methods to convert urls, I’m not sure.


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