Watch For It: Microsoft’s Paid Search

Word on the street, or in this case ThreadWatch, is that Microsoft will announce its pilot program tomorrow for paid search ads. The scoop comes from Dallas News Microsoft Plans Internet Search Ad Sales:

The prototype is in its early stages, the people said. The service probably won’t be ready for six months to a year, one person said. Yahoo spokeswoman Gaude Paez and Google’s Steve Langdon didn’t immediately return phone messages seeking comment.

Price War Talk:

MSN’s entry into the market may start a price war for advertisers, said Martin Pyykkonen, an analyst at Janco Partners Inc. in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Microsoft spokeswoman Karen Redetzki declined to comment. Microsoft is holding briefings with reporters tomorrow, she said. MSN is holding a conference for its advertisers this week and plans to make the announcement there, the people said.

Things are really starting to cook for the contextual advertising market.

Good news for both advertisers and publishers!


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