More Crumbling Cookies Talk

Are the report’s numbers off? Another perspective about the cookie news I posted earlier today here Disturbing Cookie News. Seth Godin writes:

File Under: Stats That Cannot Be True

Let’s do a reality check here. This is the same population that can’t get rid of pop ups, repeatedly falls for phishing of their Paypal and eBay accounts, still uses Internet Explorer, buys stuff from spammers, doesn’t know what RSS is and sends me notes every day that say, “what’s a blog?”

Forgive my skepticism, but it’s inconceivable to me that 40% of the audience knows how to use their browser to erase their cookies.

And posts out another article here: Study: Consumers Delete Cookies at Surprising Rate

Seth does have a point and Lord knows I still have to teach my co-workers how to use a search engine. However I do think that we need to remember people are becoming more and more net and computer savvy every day. There are countless links, posts and instructions posted across thousands of blogs, forums, websites, each pointing to AdAware, Spybot S&D, spyware cleaners, cookie cleaners, popup blockers and more.

People are sick and tired of their computers bogged down and paying to have their computers cleaned up. And they’re actively seeking out methods/programs to help with maintenance. And many of those methods (if not most), wipe out cookies.

Are the report’s numbers off? Could be, I don’t know. But if the numbers are wrong, for how long?


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