Nice blog outlining one woman’s crusade against all types of spam. It’s actually a nice resource for anyone wishing to track referrer spam, bots and more:


I’m thinking she has a fairly hefty referrer block list.

My referrer blocking attempts are semi-successful so far. I found I had to block by IP number rather than by domain name for a few. Not sure why, but that seems to have done the trick for the more stubborn ones.


I've been trying to find my way online for more years than I care to admit.

3 thoughts to “SpamHuntress”

  1. Nope, not much of an .htaccess list on spamhuntress.

    I’ve been blacklisted by some of spammers, and will no doubt be blacklisted by more. I have to rely on ingenuity to get my spam samples…

  2. Well, there are always newbies who haven’t figured it out. Got one now, hammering the site. But at least those who like submitting hundreds of comments or trackbacks at a time have kept off, or I’ve blocked them.

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