Lots Of Spyware & Adware News

So while Google is building adware (think: AutoLink), AOL/Advertising.com is dumping it and the FTC is putting ‘firms on notice’. A few articles:

AOL Gets Out Of The Adware Advertising Business

Advertising.com Drops Adware

AOL’s Advertising.Com Ends Relationships With Adware Companies

AMERICA ONLINE’S ADVERTISING.COM QUIETLY STOPPED doing business with adware companies such as Claria, WhenU, and 180solutions last year, OnlineMediaDaily has learned. The move, confirmed by AOL, happened last fall–after the Dulles, Va.-based portal company acquired the ad network Advertising.com in August for $435 million.

FTC Tentatively Defines Spyware, Puts Firms on Notice for Deception, Omission

Adware seems to have been the sticking point in differences among the FTC’s panel members, the speakers putting forth “a range of views as to whether and when adware should be classified as spyware.” Some put some adware firms into the spyware bucket based on disclosure practices. Some took adware firms out of the category because the applications didn’t monitor behavior. Others seemed to think anything that generated pop-up ads, “regardless of whether consumers are bombarded with such ads or just occasionally receive such ads,” must be spyware.

Let’s hope that AOL will be leading the pack of ‘big names’ that want to disassociate themselves from the taint of adware/spyware.

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