Loophole For Top Google Rankings

SiteProNews has an interesting article in their latest newsletter:

A Back Road Loophole For Getting a Top Google Ranking

I’ve noticed that Google loves to list questions and answers from Google Answers within their top 10 search results.

For example, somebody posted a query saying that they needed a list of brokers who buy and sell used LED boards. You can view the query at: Answers.Google.com

I ran a search on Google for the keyphrase “LED boards” and sure enough, this exact query from Google Answers showed up in the #2 position. (Editorial Note: Curently #4 position)

Any LED board broker could get a ton a free publicity here.

All they’d have to do is post a comment to this query listing their company as broker of LED boards. You can even list URL’s in the comment.

And VOILA your job is done.

Now THAT’S a loophole! ๐Ÿ˜†

Edited To Add March 14th: There has been some disgust expressed over this article, and some are claiming that Google is *banning* people for doing this (apparently considering all links posted – whether it’s relevant or not – as spam). ๐Ÿ™„ Whether that’s true or not, use your best judgement with this ‘loophole’.


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