Top 10 Reasons Why We Cloaked (Google Spoof)

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Busted: Google And Cloaking Scandal, let’s have some fun and list a few excuses Google could use:

Top 10 Reasons Why We Cloaked (Google Spoof)

10. Alegra went horribly, horribly wrong
9. Was that the title tag? We thought it was the keyword tag!
8. We knew that deal was too good to be true when we outsourced!
7. Who let the dogs out?
6. It was ah, er, um, a hacker! A hacker did it! Big, ugly, hairy hacker!
5. Someone pushed the shiny red button
4. The Google logo is possessed – it did it
3. Do No Evil applies to you, not us, suckaaaah
2. Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, Mark Jen did it (take your pick)

And the #1 Reason Google Will Give For Cloaking:


You tell me.


[disclaimer: This is all pokes and funs – none of these reasons have actually been given by Google :lol:]


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3 thoughts to “Top 10 Reasons Why We Cloaked (Google Spoof)”

  1. Other possible reasons include:

    (11) Midlife crisis-induced need to feel younger and sexier.

    (12) White hat got mixed in with dark laundry.

    (13) We experienced a creative renaissance in which our spirits refused to be bound by the rules of ordinary human existence.

    (14) Trust no one – especially us.

  2. lmao! These are from flood6 over at WPW:


    All webmasters are equal, but some webmasters are more equal than others.

    “It was a contest, yeah a contest to see who would catch us cloaking. Congratulations, Adam_C, you are now a Google employee. Here, have my parking spot and bathroom key. Now, has anyone discussed our “blogging policy” with you yet?”

    All your website are belong to us.

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