Web Host Cloaking Scam

Heads up and check your pages:

Obnoxious Cloaking Scam

The scam is perpetrated by a hosting company on its hosting clients. When a search engine spider, such as Googlebot, requests a client’s page, the host adds a bunch of links to the page that is returned. The client has no idea that it happens. The links are mostly to the host site’s pages, and are added for the link text benefit.

You can monitor this by doing a search on your domain name in Google, then view the cache option. Look for any added links. Why is this so serious? Your website could be penalized or banned in Google for cloaking pages. Plus who knows where they’re linking you to.

Not a good thing.

Found the news at ThreadWatch: Scamming Clients – Nasty Host Practices For Search Rankings


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