Better Bad News Google Video

The movement against Google’s new autolink feature is gaining momentum with the just released video from BBN (Better Bad News) …

Google Pollutes Links Stream With Evil Precedent For Market Censorship

In this 12 minute Video Blogmash the Better Bad News panel re-mixes commentary and analysis of a pending threat to online free speech drawn from several sources.

Includes a big push to sign and promote:

Google, Let Our Pages Go! Petition

We, the people who care about the future of the Web, ask Google to provide publishers with an opt-out to their new Toolbar Autolink feature. We feel that publishers should have the ultimate control of any links that are placed in their content. If Google fails to step up to the plate it will set a poor precedent that others will follow and perhaps with less ethics.

I read some of the petition comments, these caught my eye:

If I spray paint a billboard it is vandalizm… why can google deface my website?

Google need to be aware how this feature could set a worrying precedent that others would not hesitate to exploit.

If I wanted my website to be a Wiki, I would have made a Wiki…

It’s one thing to allow my visitors to change the way they see my site. However, my visitors won’t be making decisions about how to change it, Google is.

And many more – there are currently 197 total signatures. Let’s get this out there and shut down this menace before we lose all control over our webpages to the Google’s, the MSN’s, the big suits.

Again thanks to ThreadWatch for the newsflash.


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