More Directory Submission Tips

Create an email just for directory submissions. Although 99% of my submissions haven’t generated any spam, it does happen. Plus there are a few directories that you must opt in to their newsletters in order to be listed. An email just for directory submissions help seperate the email generated from your regular mail.

Use a different password for each directory. Some directories require you to register and provide a password. It’s too easy for your password to get into the wrong hands and this could prove a serious risk to the rest of your site listings if you use the same password everywhere. Eliminate this possibility by using different passwords.

Keep track of the directories that list your websites. There are hundreds of directories (maybe thousands?) and yet not all are maintained nor list most of their submissions. Directory submissions TAKE TIME, so make note of the ones that never seem to list anything you submit and pass them over for future submissions.

Remember to watch for pure text links, not script generated links. Script generated links do nothing for you, unless it’s a high traffic site that will direct some traffic to you. Also niche directories are great to work with regardless of the links they provide, they can usually provide targeted visitors.

Keep track of where you submit and the date you submitted so you don’t over-submit or harrass a directory that already has you listed! You can use a spreadsheet, or just cut and paste the links in a text editor and add the date. This also helps you monitor the directories and wipe them off your submit list if they don’t seem to list anything.

Keep your eyes out for directory lists, they can really provide some well hidden golden directories. Here’s my list that I monitor regularly (you’ll find this on my bookmark page too):


Mix up your anchor text and descriptions wherever possible. Many directories will only allow the site title, but try using different title descriptions where allowed. Having a variety of words in your text links does help in the SERPs.

Try setting a weekly goal for yourself. If you keep it up, you’ll have hundreds of links pointing to you in just a few, short months.


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