More Bookmarks

Had a few minutes so I sorted through my stash of recent bookmarks again, gotta keep organized :). Here are a few that may be of interest to you:

Free Template Designs

Gmail Goodies – Plugins and tools to make Gmail easier to use.

Free RSS Report

NeoWin Forum – A massive database of experience on hard & software issues, gaming and recreational activities, and more.

Blogger Forum

Niche Bot – Free keyword identification tool.

gDrive 0.6 – A set of PHP files to store files of any size in your gMail account. Other gmail drives are limited by gMail’s max 10Mb/attachment.

WordPress Plugins

Free Templates – Zymic

Online Cron Scheduling

Alertra – Test a host’s speed by entering their domain in the top right corner.

Domain White Pages

Whois – Very advanced Whois system (and free)! Check out the info here, top knotch stuff.

I’ve updated the SuperAff bookmark page too:

SuperAff Bookmarks



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