Directory Submission Tips

Submitting websites to directories on a regular basis can be a real time consumer. I’ve tweaked Roboform to help me do this job a lot faster. If you don’t have Roboform, it’s an autofill password keeper that’s encrypted, a knock-your-socks-off form filler, and an all around serious tool. And of course – no adware or spyware. It’s a clean tool that works with all the main browsers (IE, Firefox, Netscape, Mozilla).

Here’s how you can use RoboForm to autofill directory submissions:

In Roboform, create a new user (we’ll call it Websites in this example).
Now in Websites, create new Identities.
Create one new identity for each website (examples: AffSite#1, AffSite#2, etc.)
For each Identity, fill out the cards. All you need to do is put your name in the Person card (some directory submissions ask for your name), and then go into the Custom tab and fill out your site’s information in there.

Here’s an example of the information I’m using for my custom cards:

Field Name: url
Field Value:
Other Match Strings: website

Field Name: title
Field Value: Aff Site #1
Other Match Strings: your site name

Field Name description
Field Value: Visit Aff Site #1 for all your coupon needs. Hundreds of coupon codes available.
Other Match Strings: short desc (press enter) text (press enter) a short description of your website
*When you have more than one string you want Roboform to catch, you need to seperate them with by pressing enter

Field Name: the url of your reciprocal link
Field Value: leave blank if you don’t use a recip or enter your recip link
Other Match Strings: reciprocal link

Field Name: keywords
Field Value: coupons, coupon, coupon code, bargains,
Other Match Strings: leave blank

Field Name: email
Field Value:
Other Match Strings: leave blank

*make sure to save all your cards

Customize the toolbar by right clicking on it and selecting “Customize Toolbar”. In the right section (Current Toolbar Buttons), place Roboform, Fill Forms, Generate, Seperator, My Identities. In the Text Labels select: Only Text Labels, No Icons. For the Number Of My Identity Buttons, select All.

Now you’re ready to submit to directories. Go into Roboform, make sure you’ve selected the User: Websites, then select Show Toolbar. You’ll see the roboform toolbar listing all your Identities (your websites).

Go to a directory to submit your websites, and when you’re at the form to fill out your website information, click the website button on your toolbar that you want to submit. All the information should automatically fill the form. Double check and make sure everything is filled in nicely. If you have too many websites and they don’t all fit on the toolbar, click the Roboform button, select Identities, and you’ll see all your sites listed in there. Just click on the one you want to submit.

Since I started using RoboForm to fill the directory submission forms for me, I’ve saved myself huge amounts of time and can submit more sites in less time.

Other tips:

Keep the Generate button on your toolbar so it’s easy for you to generate a password quickly. It is advisable to use a different password for each directory you submit to.

Since there are many different directory submission forms, you may find Roboform not filling or filling something that you don’t want. For example the reciprocal link field. Just look at the wording the directory’s form is using and cut and paste that into the applicable ‘Other Match Strings’ for your website cards.

Switch up your Titles and Descriptions every once in awhile so that your anchor text and descriptions are varied. Simply go into that website’s custom card and edit the current fields.

Make sure you only have Auto Fill checked, not Fill & Submit. You want to double check all the information before you submit it. You’ll find this in the main window at RoboForm – Options – General.

You can dig through RoboForm’s Manual here if you’d like:

RoboForm Manual

This piece of software is loaded and I use it daily for everything from logging into sites (password keeper & submitter), generating new passwards to filling forms (directories, signups, etc.).


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