My Comments Feed Is Working Again

A big shout of thanks to Kafkaesquí for coming up with a plugin to fix a funky problem with the comments feed in WordPress that some of us were experiencing.

Many WordPress users are running afoul of character entities appearing in their comment RSS feeds, which many RSS/syndication readers fail on (also causes Firefox to get a mite testy). This should fix the problem.

You can get the plugin here:


A snap to install and you’re back in business.

Thanks again Kafkaesquí! 😀


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2 thoughts to “My Comments Feed Is Working Again”

  1. Careful! Check what version of WordPress you’re using! Kafkaesqui warns against needing this plugin for versions 2.0 and higher.

  2. Thanks for that warning Mitch, I actually stopped using this plugin awhile ago since one of the upgrades worked fine without it. Good note to keep here though in case someone reads this old post.

    Also I see my recent host move has done something wonky with a few old posts.

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