Clickin It Rich Update

Just an update as to where I’m at with the Clickin It Rich Project.

I’ve found several contenders to work with using NicheTracker, but found a *serious* opportunity to develop. I’m still using the Keyword Hotlist that Michael provides in the package (actually I only made a dent, still 99% of them to check out), and dug in on one of the results and found this gem. Excellent search count, yet not a lot of sites to compete with (currently less than 110,000 results listed in goog).

However, I’m having some difficulty locating a good merchant to work with on this type of product. There are merchants out there dealing in this, yes, but I’m not too comfortable with what I’ve found so far. The 1-800 #s plastered throughout the sites and the actual layouts (think 1999). Plus it seems one merchant has spammed itself with several versions of its site into several top 20 spots on both MSN and Yahoo, good for them I guess. But I’m out.

Really not too confident of their ability to turn a sale, or with me getting the credit. I did find one through CJ, but prefer trying an indie for this, or at least a non-CJ/Linkshare item due to the problems I’ve been experiencing lately. I need to spread my wings more.

Having said that, I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on this since my last post. You know this story: Motivated to work on one particular area, yet running around maintaining other issues that pop up. That is what last week has been like. Hopefully this week I’ll make more progress.

Goal: Find a good merchant to work with


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