Click Fraud Awareness

More talk about paid clickers and click fraud, but only reveals a small part of what’s going on out there. Seth Godin has an entry about it on his blog:

The Secret Army Of Ad Clickers

If you’re cost per click doesn’t match your yield, perhaps it’s because there are thousands of people getting paid to click on your links…

My favorite smart 11 year old had the same question. “Why don’t they just pay people to click the links?” he wants to know.

Seth then placed this link at the end of of entry:

Link: Google Search: earn rupees clicking ads showing 954 results for various forums and websites teaching and instructing how to earn money (rupees) by clicking ppc ads.

Every few weeks PPC Click Fraud is mentioned. A few months ago this was posted somewhere on the Warrior Forum:

Stop Click Fraud

This article explains where your Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC) budget really ends up.

The feeds clamp down on the se’s Just Enough to calm the real advertisers at times, and we see occasionally Mass Crackdowns. The SE’s, In Turn, tighten the screws on the ptr po’s [program owners], to Cover their dexteriors with the feeds, and the ptr PO’s, (wise ones, lol), crack down on Themselves, And their database, (for a time), then things calm, and all slides back into complete mayham, and gross abuse by ALL THREE PARTIES once More.

The article outlines the massive paid clicking rings organized here in NORTH AMERICA! Never mind some poor country overseas. There are thousands doing it riiiiiiight here. So what countries do you target your ads to now?

I’m thinking there are a lot of affiliates making money off Adsense – no one *really* wants an uproar, do they? But Google Adsense isn’t the only target – it’s all PPC. Sorry to say it.

I won’t do Content when I advertise and there aren’t many ppc engines I’d touch with a ten foot pole :cool:. That paid clicking mess needs cleaning up.

Thanks to Search Brains for the article find.


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