Killing Google’s Auto Link

Earlier I posted about Google’s new toolbar using our own content to whisk our visitors away from our sites and drive the traffic to their own ‘features’:

Now Google’s Messing With Our Content

Well here’s the good news – a fix has been found over at threadwatch:

Code For Fighting Google AutoLink

What you need to do:

– Download the script
– Insert the script anywhere in the html
– Or link to it using <link> tag in the <head> of your pages
– And it will rewrite, the rewritten urls, Killing the autolink functionality

Also more discussion and code work found in this thread at SearchGuild:

Remember Smart Tags ?

A new article from the BBC regarding Google’s AutoLink Feature:

Google’s toolbar sparks concern

Search engine firm Google has released a trial tool which is concerning some net users because it directs people to pre-selected commercial websites.

I wonder why Google thought it could pull off what MSN couldn’t?


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