Link Cloaking Script With &afsrc=1 Tag is offering a free link cloaking script that automatically appends the &afsrc=1 tag at the end, offer found here:

Free Affiliates Link Masker Redirect


Affiliate links that point to an internal URL destination (your server cgi-bin) will allow you to effectively hide some of the banned affiliate URL’s that are commonly removed from the marketing pages by the visitors Anti-AD security programs they have running on their computer.

The Affiliates Link Masker Redirect Control Panel provides you with a password secured login area, click stats and referrer log.

The Affiliates Link Masker Redirect Control Panel will automatically add the ‘&afsrc=1’ append tag that some parasite software agents stipulate must be present if you use a redirect script.

I haven’t had a chance to try this (yet), but it looks to me like this would be for sites that have a limited amount of affiliate links. Seems you add one link at a time in the control panel – so this may not be your answer if you operate large datafeed driven sites.

The &afsrc=1 tag ‘supposedly’ works against parasite applications (affiliate theft/hijacking) that follow the COC (Code Of Compliance) that CJ, BeFree and Performics offer.

Still worth a look for the smaller sites IMO.

Thanks to DesignerWiz for the fab freebie offer!


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