Free Web Stats

Here’s a new freebie traffic stats program I’m trying:


Web Stats
General: Unique Visitors, Sessions, Page Views, Hourly and Weekday Distribution, Robot Page Views, Average Pview/Visitor, Average UVisitor/Day, Average PView/Day, Average UVisitor/Hour, Average PView/Hour
Referrers: Grouped by domain with full URLS, search engine keywords and more…
Countries: Determined using direct IP to country conversion instead of inaccurate inverse lookup method
Pages: Individual page hits and average time spent on each page
Robots: Hits of a certain page by a certain Robot
Browsers: Most known browsers with full user-agent strings

See the demo here:

Stats Demo

It’s php / mysql and wow! very feature rich and slick to set up.

Still testing this but so far so good. I’m pretty impressed!


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  1. TraceWatch is very impressive. I particularly like that it includes path analysis.

    I saw that TraceWatch is free, but I don’t understand the business model. Usually the light version is free and there’s a fee for the premium model. So, what’s the catch?

  2. Timothy I agree – this freebie is head and shoulders above anything I’ve seen in terms of free web stats programs and you’re right, “why is this free” and “what’s the catch”? πŸ˜†

    Your comment prompted me to email the script creator and ask for feedback.

    Maybe he’ll reply?

    Otherwise, I can’t see a catch. Sometimes script creators are trying to build a portfolio or branding. But this is WOW! and does make one wonder – why free?

  3. Update:

    I did get an email from Arash (the program’s creator) and he told me this is not a business piece for him, it’s more a hobby. He may in the future provide an opportunity for donations or put up some advertising.

    Thanks Arash!

  4. I tried TraceWatch, but GoDaddy does not allow locked tables on its servers for some reason πŸ™ Otherwise, it would be the best free web stats program I’ve seen.

  5. Dauf I wonder if you left feedback at TraceWatch if he would have a workaround for this? I can’t remember the program, but I recall another script having problems on a host that did not allow locked tables and they were able to come up with a solution (it was editing the script in some way). Sorry I don’t have specifics.

    My update on TraceWatch is that it’s going strong, very happy with it, but I still only have it on one site so far.

  6. Hi. Have you managed to run TraceWatch with WordPress? I’m trying to put the proper code to footer.php or header.php. If I do so then the page reloads a few times and then is messed up completely. I have no problems with my non-blog pages. Any thoughts?

  7. hmmm no I haven’t tried adding it to wordpress Rafal. Where are you adding the code on those files?

    Some ideas:

    On the main WP index.php file (not the template file), add the php include on the very first list line


    On the header.php file in the template, add it after the <body> tag.

    Let me know how you make out ;).

  8. I added that php include in the index.php and OH MY GOD! It works πŸ˜‰ I spent like 5 hours yesterday fidling with the code in every way possible but missed that. THANK YOU. I’ll post this solution at WordPress support forums if you don’t mind.

  9. Well, I’m using twatch for a long time on one of my 2 websites and now on my wordpress blog to. I put the code in the footer of the theme I’m using just before the “” and it works perfect.

  10. Magma – i tried that but had problems with it. Be sure to check if your blog loads in Opera as my blog was all messed up with that browser.

  11. It’s me again – oh, and check if you use the newest version of WordPress. I’ve read that all versions prior to 1.5.2 were insecure due to that $GLOBALS thing but worked normally with TraceWatch.

  12. I’m using WordPress 2.0 now (before that 1.5.2) and just installed Opera 8.5 to test my site ( is in dutch). It seems everything is working fine ? Maybe your serversettings are different? I don’t know…. If even use it in folderblog (the gallery I use for my site) and even there without problems. Strange…

  13. I’m late on the convo it seems but Woohoo Rafal! Happy that it worked out for you. And feel free to post the info on wp support.

  14. Magma – you’re probably right. It seems to be all about the server settings. But still, there were a few people at WordPress forums having the same problem as me.

  15. Ok – I must be dense – I’m just not getting this. I’ve tried placing the code in the wp/index.php file on the first line. No luck. I tried placing it everywhere – in the header.php file in the footer.php file. What am I missing? Can you post exactly what code you are using and what file. It would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

  16. Dave I’m not running it on wp so I can’t help you out. What errors are you getting, that could give me a clue as to where the problem is.

  17. Well, everything WAS fine untill yesterday. Now TWATCH doesn’t count visitors on my WP site, other sites works fine. What changed yesterday? My ISP installed Zend…. I don’t know IF this is the problem but I think it is…

  18. Ouch Magma, I agree it may be Zend causing you problems. Why not give your host a shout and see what they think? They may be able to tweak something on their end for you.

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