Now Google’s Messing With Our Content

Sigh. We’ve got another one folks.

Google Gets Away With What Microsoft Couldn’t

Autolink in Google Toolbar

I understand some may feel this adds value for the ‘visitor’ and that this tool can be turned on or off (by the user) as they will so one does have the option whether or not to use it, but where’s my choice? As a person who toils and sweats and spends hours developing her own websites, where’s my choice as to what a visitor views and is presented while visiting my websites?

Why am I building websites for others to take advantage of to promote their ‘features’ or their ‘products’? Why am I carefully choosing items to promote when some ‘adware’ can swoop in and compete with that – ON MY SITE!

Look, it’s NOT OK for any company or developer – whether that be Google or MSN or some spyware parasite infested piece of ‘software’ to foist ‘their’ ideas of ‘added value’ onto MY property.

HANDS OFF and build your own websites featuring your own ‘added value’ to your own visitors.

Leave me and my websites out of it.

Thread discussing this issue:

Google Gets Away With What Microsoft Couldn’t

Posters on both ABW and WPW have commented that while visiting Barnes & Noble, clicking the ISBN whisks them away to Amazon. How wrong is that?

Looks like our site promotions are going to be competing with *our own content*.



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