Framed Pages And Adsense Problem

ABestWeb Thread

There’s been a problem reported over on ABW about Ask Jeeves messing with the ads being displayed on adsense.

Here are Affiliate Boards ads shown while viewing from Ask Jeeves:

Affiliate Boards – Framed In Ask Jeeves

I’m seeing ads for cold medicine, flooring, cough drops and homeopathics. Pretty targeted stuff! đŸ˜†

When viewing Affiliate Boards directly:

Affiliate Boards Straight Link

I see ads for increasing traffic, get paid weekly, affiliate program and stock software.

Seems the adsense affiliate id stays the same (Ask Jeeves isn’t swapping it out with their own). However, there’s an obvious problem with ads not being targeted. This will definitely affect the click thru rate.

It looks like this isn’t a problem with Ask Jeeves specifically, but more a problem with framed sites.


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