Cleaning Out The Bookmarks

It’s been a hectic past few weeks and tonight I’m just trying to take it easy and get reorganized. That means cleaning out and organizing the bookmarks I’ve accumulated this past month! πŸ˜†

Here are some goodies I thought you might be interested in:

Bleeping Computer Discussion forum for computer help and tips.

Sell Those Widgets Seems to be a newer forum for online sales/marketing

Free Photos Bank Some free stock photos here.

Blog Logic This is a new blog I stumbled across and would like to keep track of. I think it will have lots to offer to bloggers.

Zero Dollar Templates (Nice freebie templates here)

List of Free Templates Nice list of freebie templates here.

I’m also working on a new stress factor:

Nifty Shops Directory I’m trying to fill the categories manually, so submit as many as you want – I need help! πŸ˜† This one will take awhile to go live I think. But I’m hoping it will be a useful directory in the end. And of course – sigh – hosting is down right now. I wanted to get some work done on it tonight.

Fabaroo Directory – This one I’m trying to work on too. I’d like it to be a little more original and not so cookie cutter. Submit as many sites as you’d like, they’re all search engine friendly and the submitted links will be pure text – not scripted. I’ve got banner boxes loading results in this one, so if you notice scripted links – that’s why. Yours will be fine.

I’m also working on a new aff site, so my plate is pretty full lately. But it’s all good. πŸ™‚


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