Run Multiple IEs On The Same Computer

I’m having one heck of a time with a new affiliate site I’ve been working on. Everything was fine then WHAMMO! something’s wonky with the design. I made a few tweaks – and since everything looked fine, I just carried on. Now I can’t figure out what changes I made and it really displays horribly in the older IE browser. It looks fine in my browsers (IE 6.0 + Firefox + Netscape), but when I’m at work – it’s funk-y! Well the browser at work is an older IE version.

I’ve been hunting around today with the intention of finding an older version of IE to install and use on my computer so I can stress test my new sites before making them live. Here’s some fab stuff I found:

Multiple IEs in Windows – Insert Title Labs

Multiple Versions Of IE –

Insert Title Labs shows you how to download and run various older versions of IE *on the same computer*. Sweet! But Skyzyx takes it one step further – it provides the actually files/fixes so you just have to download the version you’d like and run it from the folder. Even sweeter!

I’ve downloaded the oldies and yup – works just fine for me.

What a great resource!

If you’re going to use the files from Skyzyx – please remember to be kind and download from the mirror sites, help this guy save on bandwidth.

So no more excuses for me, I have the tools I need to check various versions of the IE browser.


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