Adding RSS Feeds To Your Website

Wow if you’ve ever wanted to try adding rss to your site, Carp is the way to go!

Carp – Free Download

I played with it a bit yesterday and couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up. I’ve added it to one content site and will be adding it to another right away.

The instructions are very easy to follow and you’ll need 5 minutes to get this going. You can choose whatever feed you’d like to display, this helps you provide relevant content to your site’s theme.

The purpose of adding rss feeds to your website is to provide your visitors fresh, updated content when visiting your site. You can set it to update every minute or every 24 hrs, very flexible. Since it can slow your site’s load time if you have the feeds updating too quickly, I chose to update every 12 hours.

Now every time Google, Yahoo and all the spiders come to visit my site, they’ll find new content. It will make those spiders want to come back for more! đŸ˜†

Have fun with this – it’s a big two thumbs up.


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