Hottest Branding Trends 2005

The Brand Futurist Nick Wreden has listed the
Hottest Branding Trends for 2005 on his blog.

Top 5:

1. Performance-based compensation
2. Enhanced customer connectivity
3. Social branding
4. Universe is the brand
5. Blogs, wikis and RSS

Fast-forward to the future: Keep an eye on podcasting, mososo and immersive communications. These won’t have much of an impact in 2005, but could drive branding in 2006 and beyond.

Lots to chew on with this article. Looks like “Performance based compensation” is here for awhile yet! Good news for us superaffs 😆

Also found it interesting that customer interaction is found to boost sales and loyalty. Is there a way to attract interaction with our visitors on our aff sites? Yes some are doing that with forums and product review sites, but I do think something more innovative and creative can still be accomplished here. Will have to chew on this for a bit.

Thanks to Threadwatch for the heads up on this article.


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