Website Gone Bad

One of my new aff product sites just rocked with sales/conversions when I first launched it. Then it took a big nosedive. I thought it was just slowing down because of the time of year (beginning of January), but discovered a horrendous mess when I picked through the site.

Somehow the code got all messed up resulting in the pages looking wonky on IE 5 and under. But that’s not the worst of it. I cloaked my image links on this site with a script, somehow half the links in the file were gone. How-did-that-happen? Visitors to the site weren’t able to see half the products as the pictures weren’t loading.


Thankfully I made a full backup after I had everything in place, so it was simply reloading the links file. I’ll have to look through my template code though, I did something very strange somewhere!

I paused my ppc campaign and will have to tackle that fine kettle of fish asap. I was taught a big lesson, I can’t assume all is well with a site when sales drop off.

It could be a website gone bad.

That sounds like a *really bad* B movie doesn’t it?



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