Latest Big Topic: Comment Spam No Follow Code

Big news flying around the web that I’m sure you’ve all read several times already, the big engines are implementing a new no follow tag.

You can read more about it here:

MSN – Working Together Against Blog Spam

Google – Preventing Comment Spam

Yahoo – A Defense Against Comment Spam

This can be used on any type of website, not just blogs.

My initial reaction is one of disappointment. All this does is give one legit tool to the big boys in SEO to hold back linking benefits to other websites. But realistically, they were already using javascripts and other funky stuff to hog their PR and link authority and only pass it on within their personal networks or friends. This new code will just increase the size of webmasters that hold back legit links.

SEO has now evolved into a very ugly: the most links in wins and do whatever you have to do, use all the available tricks to limit, hide or mask your outbounds.

In other words, don’t pass on your PR and don’t give outside websites any benefit of an inbound link.

I don’t like it one bit. I’m in the midst of building a few new directory sites so keep watch here. I personally guarantee I won’t mess with your links if you submit your sites to them (free submissions btw). They’ll be pure html text links.

It’s time us little guys got together and supported each other, the game play is gonna get worse out there and it’s going to get harder and harder to obtain legit inbound links.

Sometimes I wonder if Google and the rest cater to the SEO crew just to ensure everyone else stays lost in the SERPS. What better way to encourage PPC sales?


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