Cheap Hosting – Is It Worth It?

The hosting problems that happened with the blog yesterday were the least of my worries. I had opened four new hosting accounts for various projects this past week and only two activated my account right away (actually the host that’s hosting this blog and one other).

One host hasn’t responded to my account setup request (from the 14th). I’ve emailed them as well as submitted a support request on site. Zippo for response, so I’ve had to issue a refund request in PayPal. Still no response from them. We’ll see if I can get a refund.

Also the fourth host had no communication with me other than my PayPal receipt. I did email them and they responded lickity split that my account should have been instantly activated and my account information emailed to me. Didn’t happen and I’ve been monitoring my Spam folder as well (always a good place to check). I’ve replied with my info and hopefully I can get that account going. At least they responded right away to my email for help.

What have I learned through all of this? I think I’m going to pass on the cheapie web host packages that charge a small annual fee and go for the packages that charge monthly. It’s easy to pull out and lose less *just in case*. But I think overall my experience has been lucky when dealing with these types of packages.

I have had good luck with a few cheapie hosts with small packages here: – Have recommended them to several people, I’ve been happy here. Is slowish inside cpanel, but my sites never seem to have a load problem (most important right!).

New cheapie hosts I’m trying: – Hosts this blog. Site was down yesterday but I think a lot of hosts were updating for a new security threat or something happening and I had A LOT of my sites down for the day that were hosted across several webhosts. – New cheapie hosting package for me, but setup was a snap and everything activated smoothly. So far so good here. – New host being used that responded asap to my query about my new account activation.

Other hosts that have been *MOST EXCELLENT* that I’ve used:

Total Choice Hosting – Rates are cheap, service is supreme and sites load problem free 99.9999% of the time.

Emax Hosting – My stable account, my foundation. I host several domains here and have for quite awhile. Yes that’s an affiliate link I put here, if you’d rather not use it, that’s cool! You know how to take care of that :lol:. This host also has a good two tier affiliate program that I discussed here:

Two Tier Affiliate Program For Hosting

Where to shop around for good hosting deals? Check out my bookmarks page I have here: SuperAff Bookmarks. In the Webhosting Forum section I’ve listed some forums that deal with webhosting. If you look through the Hosting Offers sections, you’ll find some good deals. But it’s important to do a bit of investigating first before buying. Is the company new or older? Are there a lot of complaints about the host on the forums? Are the packages too big for the pricing?

You can really luck into some good deals by shopping around in the right places.


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