Google Page Rank

With the recent Google Toolbar Page Rank update, I still haven’t really budged.

One site dropped from a 4 to a 3, others stayed the same, and a new site was given a 2. I can only seem to manage a steady PR of 3 which is somewhat frustrating but at least it’s workable in terms of building link exchanges.

I’ve tried many things to get a site listed in DMOZ (I really want the authority and the PR a link from DMOZ would give).

I’ve built one content site, purely info driven with one single affiliate ad on each page. Didn’t get in.

I’ve built one content site, no affiliate ads, some direct ebook sales (reseller product) in an adsense style presentation – didn’t get in.

I’ve built one 100% all info site, no affiliate ads or sales of any kind. Didn’t get in. This one especially ticked me off because I just checked that category and a very plain, no page design of any kind, info quite a bit less than what I provided was approved. The site looks like a last minute “cut-and-paste” some notes and upload kind of job. I’m not kidding.

So to heck with DMOZ, I’m not wasting my time with building sites just for them to ignore.

I found this blog recently and I don’t know? Is it true? I guess human nature being what it is, and the authority and link quality DMOZ can give to websites, I believe it’s possible that many (not all) DMOZ editors protect their own interests so to speak.

Corrupt DMOZ Editor

I guess if I want in, I’ll need to find a good category I can work with and become an editor myself.


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