Trying To Dodge PPC Fraud

I’ve spent a lot of cash trying out the ppc engines out there, and really only rely on Google Adwords right now.

Some engines are flops – no traffic at all.

Some engines send crap traffic – bots and paid clickers

Currently I really only feel confident advertising on Google. I do have content unchecked because let’s face it, there is a lot of ppc fraud running rampant right now.

Here is a great article on ppc fraud by paid clickers, really opens your eyes as to what people are willing to do to make a buck online:

Stop Click Fraud

I’m not sure how Google and Overture and all the rest can monitor fraudulent human clicks though? How can they tell if someone is paid to click or not?

Here’s a thread that had a lot of interesting thoughts and info:

Is Click Fraud Ruining PPC Ads?

And an article:

Eight Months Of Click Fraud In Oregon

I guess ppc fraud will always be out there. It’s up to us to stay informed and dodge as many of those bullets as we can.

But how this fraud can be allowed to continue is really unbelievable to me. How many millions of dollars are being soaked every month?


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