Dodging Those Ad Blockers

Thanks to all those super affs out there who stormed their visitors with masses of popups, harsh/flashing banners and drive-by downloads, browser and anti-virus developers are working around the clock to catch up and take you out!

However, the rest of us pay the price for that by having our ads blocked.

Gee, thanks a bunch!

Here’s a great page with more information as to what’s happened with Norton’s and ideas to work around them.

Norton’s Ad Blocking Info

From what I understand now, Norton’s is no longer setting ad blocking by default.

The method I prefer to use is the link cloaking.

Here are some scripts you may like to try with this:

Maian Links

This was free when I got a hold of it, but there’s a minimal fee now the last I checked ($8). Right now the site seems to be down til January, so I can’t double check that price. It works great with everything I’ve tried so far:

CJ, ShareASale, Perfomics, Linkshare, BeFree, ClickBank, and others I don’t recall.

PHP Click Counter

This one is much easier and simpler to use, no categories to worry about and adding links is fast fast fast! However I can’t get ShareASale links to work with this, not sure why. CJ is working just fine with it. Haven’t tested any others yet.

Cost: Free!


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2 thoughts to “Dodging Those Ad Blockers”

  1. Your right Terry, thanks to all those Super Aff’s with those horrible banners and pop ups, unders, overs and sideways……we all have to suffer. I see one now and then that is a flashing red and neon blue….You Just Won 50 dollars!…..the thing gives me a headache.

    Well, the net evolves everyday. We can’t email any more and we can’t compete with the big boys with advertising dollars. The Internet used to be a pretty level playing field, we had just as much chance as the big companies to make a presence. It’s all been taken away now by over zealous idiots that think a computer and 10 minutes =’s millions of dollars.

    Now, unless you have deep pockets to buy prime advertising space or top bids for SE advertising, we’re right back where we used to be, on the bottom of the pile clawing and kicking our way up.

    Well, that’s my 2 cents worth, I’ll shut up now.

    Nice blog, keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Gordon – great comments!

    I especially like a particularly harsh flashing red and white banner that strobes and every time I see it I swear I think of people prone to seizures. If banners like that don’t trigger one it’s a miracle.

    I too think things are much different and much harder now than they used to be, you’re right – the net is evolving every day. There are more people trying to earn online than ever before, then top that off with big businesses that have big budgets.

    So I guess it’s up to us to keep on our toes and race one step ahead, and I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. Shoot if only all that racing around burned some calories in the process – I just might be ok with that! đŸ˜†

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